Constipation in women

Improving medicine adherence in women with chronic constipation in the UK

Nearly 20% of the UK population are affected by chronic constipation
Rates of chronic constipation are higher in women and older individuals
For up to a quarter of the population, constipation has a significant effect on quality of life

The challenge

  • Adherence to medications for chronic diseases such as chronic constipation averages only 50%
  • According to one survey, 22% of UK females who have chronic constipation are dissatisfied with their current treatment (Emmanuel et al (2013) United European Gastroenterol J 1(5): 375-84)

How Patient Connect helped

In discussions with the programme sponsor, Patient Connect’s clinical team developed clinical messages to tackle specific barriers to medicine adherence in women with chronic constipation

Patient Connect’s network of 6,500 community pharmacies across the UK were alerted to the challenge

Pharmacists verbally communicate the clinical messages at the point-of-dispensing

Pharmacists engage in a conversation with the patient about their medication


  • The number of scripts collected by patients has increased year-on-year
  • We see a sustained uplift in dispensed volumes - up to 24% - in active pharmacies since the project started