Hypertension in Italy

Improving adherence to antihypertensive treatment in Italy


of hypertensive patients do not take their medicine regularly

Only 15%

of patients collect their antihypertensives on time

As few as 30%

of hypertensive patients achieve optimal blood pressure control

Reasons for poor adherence include:

  • Few or mild symptoms - in many patients, raised blood pressure causes no symptoms
  • Complex treatment regimen - most hypertensive patients require two or more anti-hypertensives to control their blood pressure
  • Misunderstanding treatment and the risks associated with non-adherence

How Patient Connect helped

Patient Connect’s clinical team developed messages addressing specific issues of adherence for patients taking antihypertensives

Patient Connect’s network of 10,000 community pharmacies across Italy were alerted to the challenge

Pharmacists verbalised the clinical messages to patients at the point-of-dispensing the target antihypertensive medication

"Having uncontrolled high blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease. Take your medicine every day to help achieve good blood pressure control"


  • Dispensed volumes increased from month one of the support programme, and increased steadily throughout
  • At the end of the programme, growth was more than 13% above trendline, suggesting a significant impact on medication compliance