Parkinson's Disease

Tackling compliance to treatment in the UK


In the UK, one in 500 (around 127,000) people have Parkinson's disease, of whom one in 20 is under the age of 40 years
Symptoms of tremor, rigidity and slowness of movement have a profound effect on quality of life
Parkinson's also affects how people think and feel, with two-thirds of patients experiencing mental health problems at some time
The economic burden of Parkinson’s in the UK is around £2 billion annually

The challenge

  • Non-adherence in Parkinson's disease is common
  • 82% of patients admit to mistimed doses of their medication
  • 51% of patients miss at least one dose of their medication per week
  • This results in suboptimal disease management and patient outcomes

How Patient Connect helped

Patient Connect’s clinical team understood the adherence challenges in Parkinson’s disease at a country level and developed tailored clinical messages based on these.

We alerted the pharmacy network in the UK to the adherence challenges in Parkinson’s disease, and pharmacists educated patients at the point-of-dispensing their medicine on the importance of taking their medication properly, and provided hints and tips to help them do so.


By month six of the patient support programme, growth in our active pharmacies was 22% higher than the growth in our control (non-active) pharmacies, indicating a positive impact on patient compliance.