Our Challenge

Patient Connect tackles the issues of medicine compliance throughout Europe and America, and in turn supports millions of patients managing their diseases

Low compliance, ill health

Patient compliance is a universal challenge. Between 40-70% of patients stop taking life-long medicines within six months of commencing treatment. These alarming rates of non-compliance exist for a number of reasons, such as difficulties brought on by sides effects, complex treatment regimens, duration of treatment and latency of drug effect.

Non-compliance has disastrous effects on health, leading to unnecessary suffering for patients and their loved ones, decreased quality of life and increased mortality rates.

The cost of low compliance to society

Poor compliance comes at a huge financial cost to society. As a result of patient non-compliance, there is mounting extra cost due to chronic ill health, comorbidity, hospital admissions, additional outpatient visits and unnecessary excess medications, which runs to many billions of pounds each year.